Our Five Pilllars


Reliability, flexibility, speed, safety, and hygiene: these are our five pillars, and the features that allow us to boast a five-star service. Our company has been serving our Lombardy customers with this winning philosophy since 1955. We put them at the center of our work. Our services are designed to meet their requirements, whatever they may be.
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Thanks to its impeccable work ethic, Viganò Traslochi is renowned for its reliability in the logistics and handling of goods.
Our staff performs their tasks in a precise manner. We involve as many professionals as possible to always ensure that we provide a service that is in line with the way we the service has been designed along with the customer.

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The relocation sector inevitably requires a good deal of flexibility. Following a plan is crucial, but it is equally essential to be able to cope with those small or large unforeseen events that often arise. This type of work is subject to many variables. Our staff and fleet know how to perform their tasks with precision and competence - ensuring you receive a level of service that is second to none in every situation.


Gotta relocate quickly? Have you arranged for a change of office and the timelines are tight? With Viganò Traslochi you have come to the right place. We are known for our speed. All our services are performed according to a tried and tested process which allows fast but accurate decisions, and ensuring speed but at the same time also precision.


To provide further assurance to our customers,Viganò Traslochi also caters for storage and safekeeping systems when it comes to firefighting and fire prevention, as well as video surveillance via CCTV.
You always have peace of mind, knowing that your merchandise and goods are safe.


All our services are provided with material that is sanitized in advance. From containers to boxes, from coat-racks to the vehicles themselves. Everything is hygienized to guarantee you a service of the highest hygienic standards at all times.
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