Code of Conduct


Respect for an ethical and a sustainable business model lies at the heart of Viganò Traslochi. We have repeatedly reiterated the ability and reliability of our staff: the quality that we cultivate as we respect a strict but effective code of conduct for our valuable employees. That is why we have decided to adhere to the Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01, supplemented by the provisions of Art. 30 of Legislative Decree 81/08 on Health and Safety at Work. A choice that ensures we always respect the moral principles that underpin our business philosophy and which we believe are fundamental to offering top quality services to our customers, which are the heart of our business.

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Quality and transparency

What values ​​underpin our code of conduct?
Loyalty to our employees, who in turn are requested to show loyalty to the company and therefore to the customer. The lawfulness of our actions. Fair dealings, not only towards the customer, but also colleagues, our business philosophy and every employee of the company. And finally, confidentiality. It is essential that we provide customers with a service that respects their privacy, especially for services such as file management and documentation, where we find ourselves handling strictly confidential information.
All of these values ​​allow us to proudly declare that we are indeed an ethical company that respects our human capital.

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