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In Gorle and throughout Italy

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Viganò Traslochi has been active since 1955, supporting the population of Lombardy with their efficient, fast and on-time freight service for short and long distance home relocation services for homes, offices, garages, workshops, companies and industrial warehouses. A company whose professionalism is increasingly appreciated every day by many who reliably turn to them for transporting their goods, whether they it be for personal or commercial purposes. The ability to adapt to the climactic conditions as well as the specific logistical needs of each customer is part of why the service offered is truly of an outstanding quality. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. We have every resource you need for relocating and transporting your possessions to wherever they need to be, irrespective of the location and height of the building. First of all, we do a through inspection of the situation where we evaluate every detail of the future move. We do this without interfering with your operations. We then exceed your expectations. Only once we have planned the project in detail will we then go ahead and implement the solution we have for you.
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More than half a century of history

Since 1955, our non-invasive services have enabled us at Viganò Trasporti to adapt to the needs of the market. Not only that, but we have also constantly adapted to the available means of transport and, of course, the needs of an increasingly critical and demanding clientele.

Our activities have grown exponentially, and our vehicles have undergone essential transformations as we do our best to respond appropriately to your every need.
We are passionate about a sector that is of vital importance to the daily activities of a large part of the local population. We therefore seek to provide solutions that adapt perfectly to the varying needs of professionals, shops, businesses, the tourism industry, residential homes, and Industrial complexes.

We operate all over Italy, with fast and safe vehicles. We operate effectively whatever the weather conditions on the road, always respecting the agreed time of delivery.
We have put together a quality service, but one that is fully customizable. You are the one who decides what features you require.

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