Packaging Solutions


Packing is a key part of moving: With the right tools you will be sure that no object is damaged and that everything is ready at your new destination. Whether you decide to use our help to pack your belongings or decide to do it yourself, we at Viganò Traslochiprovide you with everything you need for a simple, quick and precision move. All of our products, from the boxes to the adhesive tape, are certified, eco-sustainable, recyclable and completely newensuring your safety and hygiene. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact our staff for professional and friendly guidance in selecting the solution that best suits your needs.

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Not all boxes are the same. Those for fragile objects, such as glasses, must be robust and of standard size, while those for books must be able to withstand a great weight; boxes for dresses must be of the right size and not wrinkle the contents; and so on.

Viganò Removals provides you with solutions to pack everything from heavy boxes to bulky items, from fragile objects to hanging clothes, along with bubble wrap that is available in personalized sizes or as convenient bags. We also have PVC mattress liners that are strictly hygienic and disposable, as well as adhesive tape of all shapes and sizes.
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