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Why Choose Viganò Traslochi? Because we are professionals.
Go ahead and ask the many customers who since 1955 have entrusted our firm with this important task of moving their home or office. They will tell you that Viganò Traslochi is the ideal choice for those who want to feel that they are in control of a service designed specifically for them. Our resources, staff and methods are flexible to meet the needs of every customer. There are a number of varying factors to consider for each project.But the philosophy that characterizes us is always the same: to provide a service that respects the environment in our choice of ecological vehicles, recyclable packaging and energy saving systems; to ensure moves that limit the client's stress as far as possible, to allow him to face the beginning of a new chapter of his life with total peace of mind; making it possible for virtually anyone to organize a safe and thorough move, thanks also to agreements with financial and insurance companies that allow our customers to benefit from transparent economic benefits. In short, business principles built around you.
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A word that sums up our mission? Respect. Respect for the customer, for his property, for his time and money, but also respect for the environment in which we live. We have found that performing relocations in an environmentally sustainable way is possible: just invest in the short term to harvest fruit in the long run. This is an investment that Viganò Traslochi has continued for more than half a century, and has allowed us to become a leading company in the field of logistics and goods handling. Not only in Bergamo, but throughout Italy.

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For futher proof of our commitment, we have achieved the following certifications over time:
  • ECOTRASLOCO certification
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • ISO 14001 certification
  • OHSAS 18001 Certification.

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